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Alpha Fiber provides the only real-time solution for monitoring head impacts in athletes and military personal using only cameras – without the use of any wearables on the individual. Our patent-pending system utilizes computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to track all head impacts and identify which ones can potentially cause injury. Alpha Fiber’s team has decades of combined experience in researching traumatic brain injury, diagnosing and treating concussions, and developing specialized software powered by the latest technologies.

Alpha Fiber’s vision is to expand our understanding of concussions and mild TBIs in sports, and use this knowledge to potentially reduce future occurrences of concussions and improve recovery and patient outcomes.

Our Vision

We want to understand better how the brain functions in normal and pathologically conditions and to be the leader in brain injury detection and treatment.

Mission: Utilizing cutting-edge technology to proactively detect potential concussions in real time.

The best way to solve a problem is to first understand it.

Neuroscience Brain Activity

Our Values

1. Precision

2. Clarity

3. Reliability

4. Diligence

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