About Us

Alpha Fiber provides the only real-time solution for detecting potential concussions in athletes without the use of any wearables. Our proprietary system utilizes computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to track all head impacts and identify which ones can potentially cause injury. Alpha Fiber’s team has decades of combined experience in researching traumatic brain injury, diagnosing and treating concussions, and developing specialized software powered by the latest technologies.

Our Company



Protecting health with clarity

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to proactively detect potential concussions in real-time


Alpha Fiber’s vision is to expand our understanding of concussions and mild TBIs in sports, and use this knowledge to potentially reduce future occurrences of concussions and improve recovery and patient outcomes.

Meet The Team

Arash Adami, PhD


Arash has a PhD in neuroscience with expert knowledge of traumatic brain injury and MRI physics (including manuscript reviewer for J Neutrotrauma). He worked as a regulatory affairs professional for the last 5 years with translational and clinical research experience from biologics to medical devices.

Joe Villapando

Joseph Villapando


Joseph has a management background from the healthcare operations industry. He is well-versed in process improvement, project management and coordination, and big data analysis and organization. His knowledge and detail-oriented perspective will be key to efficiently managing the data and metrics that our system will capture.

Our Advisors

Derek Rollend

Derek Rollend, MS

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Trackman, Computer Vision/Machine Learning Expert

Joseph Moore, MD

US Navy Physician (Captain, Concussion Specialist), US Boxing Sideline Physician

Billy Lister, III

USA Paralympic Athlete, Motion Ventures, Sports Tech Industry Specialist

Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh, PhD

MEDA Angels (Founder/Chair), SBIR Scientific Review, TBI Expert